Why Africa Food Academy Italy ?

Africa Food Academy in Italy. Our mission revolves around fostering a vibrant exchange of culinary traditions, sustainable agricultural practices, and economic collaboration between Africa and Italy.At the core of this initiative lies the concept of "Africa Gourmet," aimed at showcasing and adapting African processed agricultural products to meet the discerning tastes of the Italian gourmet market.

Bridging Cultures, Igniting Futures: Our Collaborative Vision

Our objectives are ambitious yet purposeful, spanning cultural integration, economic collaboration, youth empowerment, sustainable development, and market adaptation. Through this project, we seek to not only meet market demands but also preserve cultural heritage, empower local communities, and create opportunities for the youth and women.


The Africa Food Academy influences the introduction of African processed agricultural products to the Italian gourmet market, enhancing knowledge in gourmet production techniques, establishing joint ventures for supply chain enhancement, and fostering youth empowerment within the hospitality industry.

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From Field to Fork: Fostering Cross-Cultural Understanding through Food & Heritage

Key stakeholders such as Luxury LPC, Italian fair organizations, African producers, African Embassies in Italy, Ministries of various sectors, certification bodies, and various sectors including hotels, tourism, and food suppliers are integral to our collaborative approach.
Our planned activities include showcasing African agriculture products at major events of Food, Agriculture and other culinary fusion events, promotional campaigns to highlight cultural significance, collaborative workshops engaging Italian chefs, and exploration of fusion cuisine techniques.
In line with our goals, we aim to empower Africa’s youth for sustainable development and celebrate the amalgamation of African and Italian culinary traditions, fostering cross-cultural understanding and gastronomic diversity.


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